Why Use Us?

Choosing a wind turbine company is a big decision

Here are some of the key reasons why we think we’re the sensible choice to develop your site…

  1. We are a Northern Ireland Company, headed by Neal Doherty, whose family have been in Farming and Business in the Ballymena area for over 100 years.
  2. You’ll find it easier dealing with us than most if not all other wind turbine developers. We have extensive resources readily available, without recourse to third parties.
  3. We are obsessive about delivering on turbine projects for farmers who choose us as their partners.
  4. You’ll deal directly with director Neal Doherty, who has complete authority to agree all terms resulting in a simpler and quicker decisions.
  5. You’ll be tapping into a vast wealth of experience. Unlike some, we’re not new to this. Our team have more ‘Mega Watts’ of experience in both large and small projects than most.
  6. We have our finger on the pulse of changing Legislation and Energy Markets. In fact we were the first NI wind turbine company to actively pursue single turbine sites—months before the 4 ROC’s system was announced.

A partnership with us will allow you to reap the rewards of having your site developed to its fullest potential, and guarantees a secure, strong, long term income, confident in the knowledge that you made the right decision.

We would like a chat with you…

If you are thinking of leasing your site with Planning Permission, call us on 028 2565 2043. We will be delighted to talk with you in the strictest confidence and without any obligation.

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