What We Do

Farmers come to us when they want to earn from wind turbines—but don’t want any hassle

Many farmers don’t get involved with turbines because of the capital investment, planning issues and perceived risk.

We remove those issues. We give you a realistic route to generating strong revenues from the wind—a resource you already have in abundance.

Turnkey Solution

We provide a turnkey solution to develop the wind resource on your land, we provide all the financial and managerial resources and a fixed return as well as a share in the revenue from the sale of power.

All we require from you is a lease on your site, and a mutual agreement to quickly install and commission our highly reliable wind turbines to get your site up and running without any delay.

How Much Can I Earn?

The percentage revenues you can earn every month are driven on a case by case basis, depending on criteria like grid connection and capital expenditure.

For example, if your grid connection is going to cost £250k then of course your level of income will (quite rightly) be less than a cheaper connection would permit.

The process from start to finish can vary, but can be turned around in as little as six months.

Our turbines are available to go on your site now.

This will be dependent on planning, environmental issues and grid connectivity. Whatever the outcome, there is no financial liability to you the landowner.

Long Term Income

A partnership with us not only guarantees a secure, strong, long term income, it’s a relationship which will allow you to reap the rewards of having your site developed to its fullest economic potential.

Call us in confidence on 028 2565 2043, or fill out the enquiry form and we will contact you shortly.

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